Annotated Bibliography

  Directions When profound for sources it is advantageous to expand a order of form. One of the most habitually used methods of organizing sources is to haunt an annotated bibliography. Read environing annotated bibliography’s by visiting the Purdue Owl website. Create your own annotated bibliography after a while the sources you are using for your discovery paper. Your annotated bibliography should thrive APA title regulatelines and should comprise at meanest 6 scholarly discovery creed. You may comprise other resources as well-behaved. Still not perfectly intelligible on what counts as "scholarly"? View the "Scholarly and Peer-Reviewed Articles" and the "Questions to Ask When Determining Credibility of Sources" certainty sheets from the NAU Online Library for a refresher.  Each remark should: • Comprise a generous extract of the source • Summarize the word • Assess the sources claims and teach how the word fits after a while your discovery paper Submit this assignment to the dropbox "LP2.2 Assignment: Annotated Bibliography." You can travel to this dropbox by clicking the “next” arrow at the top just of your shelter. This assignment is value 75 points and obtain be graded according to the scoring regulate under.