Interest Class Consultant Simulation In this life you end be pretending to be a consultant for an cause class. You end be abounding after a while promotive that cause class rectify terminate its views. Accept fun and be fanciful in this life! Your article should be at last 500 suffrage hanker. 1.    First, fine an cause class from the following register that you end be consulting for (*you may simply exhaustive this assignment on one the registered cause classs): a.    Service Employees International Union b.    National Association of Realtors c.     US Chamber of Commerce d.    National Rifle Association e.    National Education Association f.      American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees g.    AARP h.    National Association of Broadcasters 2.    In the pristine judgment of your article delight state very evidently what cause class you accept fineed. 3.    Next, relate in your own suffrage, what your chosen cause class band-arms is. Do not vision and paste or adduce the organization’s band-arms in your article. Use your own suffrage. 4.    Next, choose that band-arms proposition and rewrite it in a new insufficient one judgment “elevator pitch” that you believe would be more effective. Feel uncounted to get fanciful. 5.    Look up your fidemand cause classs website. What is the web address? What do you love encircling their website? What do you believe could be betterd encircling their website? 6.    Look up your fidemand cause class on gregarious media. What is cheerful encircling their gregarious instrument intercourse? What could be betterd encircling their gregarious instrument intercourse? 7.    Look up your fidemand cause class on Open Secrets or the Federal Elections Comband-arms website and sift-canvass your findings. How much capital does your cause class accept? What is that capital being departed on? In your opinion, are they using their capital effectively? How could they waste their capital to rectify end their views? 8.    Come up after a while at last one exhaustively original fancy that could be used to better your fidemand cause classs efforts. Describe this fancy in component. What local view would this fancy inquire to end? What types of media would this fancy demand? How would this fancy better the organization’s efforts to terminate its band-arms? 9.    Finally, be firm to afford a intimation register. Please note: APA formatting and citations rules allot to this and all essays in this method. View your assignment rubric.