Ali health paper

Infectious Disorder Essay Rubric Procedures I. Pick an infectious disorder and Research your disorder. II. Write a 5-7 provision essay delay the aftercited information: A. Introduction (10 points):  Provide a restriction of the disorder.  Interesting basis.  What country, pursuit and gender is effects? B. Whole Provision #1 (15 points):  What are the causes of the disorder?  How it is diagnosed by the teacher?  Who and where it was discovered? C. Whole provision #2 (15 points):  What are the symptoms of the disorder?  How it effects the whole physically, mentally, and socially? D. Whole Provision #3 (15 points):  How the disorder is treated?  How to checkmate the disorder? E. Conclusion (10 pts):  Personal reflections.  Summary of the article. III. Bibliography (10 pts):  Minimum of 3 likely sources! This could include books, magazines and library databases. IV. Grammar/Punctuation (20 points)  Must be cited correctly! APA or MLA format. Must be handed in on time! 12 pt. font, Double-spaced, Times New Roman or Calibri. NO CUTTING AND PASTING INFORMATION!!