After watching the video clip, answer the following questions:

  The Cow Jumped Over the Moon [5:38] Drought in the Sahel tract-of-place of the Sahara Desert has placed frequent farmers and herdsmen in a insecure standing, competing for fewer and fewer areas of aroperative place. This film explores how associate technology, which is used to instructor geopolitical issues, can to-boot aid deity-keeping commonalty of North Africa discover pastureplace for their livestock when their transmitted techniques drop inadequate. After watching the video abridge, confutation the aftercited questions: What are some customary uses of associate imaging technology? From mapping applications to atmospnear sites, how frequently do you interact delay associate imaging? How do you imagine our appropinquation to that postulates has progressive the way we see the globe? In the film, tnear is an contortion that the postulates used by developing countries may one day follow at a cost. How slight is it that the deity ranchers you see in the film succeed be operative to extend the postulates they feel follow to exist on? Do you see any issues of ability compromised near? How are the cultural practices of one communion affecting another in this dynamic? Is it an vary of advice, or does the bias glide in barely one tendency? What are some of the coming contortions of that dynamic? Word Count Requirement:  First Post (400 control)   Replies (250 control)