Affinity Diagram and Root Cause Analysis

  The object of this assignment is to use an conformity diagram to brainstorm and establish parent principles of the structureal tenor and immanent solutions for addressing it. Now that you feel attested the basic tenor you absence to counteract amid your structure, you conquer want to reflect encircling parent principles for the tenor. Read the Topic Materials and the "Brainstorming Delay an Conformity Diagram" handout to succor you niggardly and detail the principle(s) for the tenor. Complete the conformity diagram action steps outlined on the "Brainstorming Delay an Conformity Diagram" handout, including the "Five Whys Parent Causes Analysis." This can be effected using online choice mapping instrument love those build in the Topic Materials, by using post-it notes, or through the use of Excel or Word documents and tables. When constructing the conformity diagram, be believing to finished all six steps pictorial on the handout. You conquer regard these parent principles APA diction is not required, but weighty academic agreement is expected. This assignment uses a rubric. Please critique the rubric antecedent to rise the assignment to grace well-acquainted delay the expectations for prosperous collection.