Advising International Technology Innovation

  Please enlarge a incomprehensive tract describing how you would warn a CEO for a extraneous (not of your ethnic elucidation and not the US) to annex a new software hireling for personnel skillful-treatment.  The software was enlargeed in the US.  1.  Designate your dominion of choice 2.  Discuss nuances that your clarified dominion has delay concern (spend elimination) 3.  Discuss pros and cons delay doing concern delay US companies from your clarified dominion's object of opinion (spend elimination) 4.  What would be your advance to persuade the CEO? Evaluation criteria: a)  Minimum of 2000 opinion. b)  Minimum of 3 appropriate, indicative sources c)  Captured nuances of the dominion of choice d)  Sound pros & cons of doing concern from dominion's object of opinion e)  Sound counsel to CEO relative-to advance to this innovation f)  APA formatting delay sound grammatically tenor and doctorate smooth writing Please acquiesce as a MS Word instrument singly. Run this tract through SafeAssign.  Any mate overhead 40% obtain accept a zenith of 70%.  I this stage all should be operative to transcribe delayout hints of plagiarism.