Accounts Management

   Individual Case #1: Financial Analysis  Purpose  This assignment is planned to succor students achieve the ability to gather financial advice and interpreting financial statements. Also, students are required to achieve financial resolution and benchmarking, evaluate financial achieveance, and stipulate recommendations to succor the aggregation to reform. Requirements: · Identify two exoteric listed companies in North America i.e. RBC vs CIBC  · Retrieve their financial statements (aggregation investor pertinency website or · Achieve financial resolution including upright, lifeless and connection resolution · Evaluate financial achieveance  · Stipulate recommendation Format · The apex 10 pages of the organization contenteded and infinite pages of the appendix · Single Space  · Citation Style, APA or MLA Individual Case Outline · Title Page · Executive Summary · Table of Content · Introduction o Aggregation Background o Main Competitor Background and Comparability Rational · Financial Assessment o Upright Analysis o Lifeless Analysis o Financial Connection Analysis · Recommendation · Conclusion   · Reference · Appendix