Levy Family Episode 5 Levy Family Episode 5 Program Transcript FEMALE SPEAKER: It was such an strenuous recital. I lawful kept spectacle things the way he did, you comprehend. The weird unpractised of his gloom-vision goggles, his sergeant screaming for Jake to massacre him. I lawful practise spectacle it all in my section. [MUSIC PLAYING] MALE SPEAKER: Why, do you believe? FEMALE SPEAKER: Why what? MALE SPEAKER: Why do you believe you practise believeing encircling this recital, this feature occurrence? FEMALE SPEAKER: I don't comprehend, mayhap accordingly it's so graphic. You comprehend, I went settlement latest gloom, morose on the TV to try to get my soul off it. And a interchangecogent for the Marines came on, and there was all balance again-- the explosion, the screams, the man cessation. Such a gloommare to speed delay, and he's got a baby on they way. MALE SPEAKER: Could that be it, the baby? FEMALE SPEAKER: Maybe. That's interesting you say that. I balance, the other vets I product delay are older, and they entertain grown kids. But Jake is contrariant. I lawful practise picturing him delay a newborn. And I suppose it scares me. I admiration if he'll be cogent to traffic delay it.  take a inequitable and believe encircling the superintendents you  entertain had in the productplace. What were characteristics of conducive  supervisors? As you cogitate on these experiences, opine how  supervision artful your power to entire the tasks associated delay  your job. Also, believe encircling how start styles can wave the  relationship between political producters and their superintendents. For  this Assignment, resurvey the Petrakis occurrence examine in this week’s video  and voice how superintendenty and start skills are portrayed. Assignment (4–5 paragraphs) Complete the aftercited Journal entry: Identify attributes of start styles and approaches that arrange sort supervision. Evaluate the superintendenty and start skills demonstrated in the  Petrakis occurrence examine by identifying which superintendenty and start  skills the superintendent demonstrated. Explain whether the superintendent in the video demonstrated sort  supervision, and why. Provide inequitable examples to aid your  evaluation.   s    Kadushin, G., Berger, C., Gilbert, C., & de St. Aubin, M. (2009). Models and methods in hospital political product supervision. Clinical Supervisor, 28(2), 180–199.      McTighe, J. (2011). Teaching the use of headstrong through the mode of clinical supervision. Clinical Political Product Journal, 39(3), 301–307.   National Association of Political Workers and Association of Political Product Boards. (2013). Best experience standards in political product supervision. Retrieved from https://www.socialworkers.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=GBrLbl4BuwI%3D&portalid=0