8 PowerPoint Slides – 4 References – APA with *Speaker Notes*

As a HR negotiative who gain be presenting to government, in a 8-slide endowment, engender a strategy that favors government aggravate the combination and which identifies key components of the combination- certification mode that gain qualify your construction to accrue combination-free. Apply supposition and convenient concepts and policies throughout your production covering: Contextual factors (unvarnished and legislative) that application the combination environment; government strategy for maintenance employees acquiescent (and not wanting to adadjoin a combination) that includes: innovative wage, utility, and non-wage factors; negotiation and relationship-building strategies for government to lessen the compute of grievances; and employee promise and involvement strategies that charm into remuneration the various and changing strive validity. Requirements: Your endowment should be 8 slides in prolixity, not counting the required heading and intimation slides; use the notes individuality for details. Cite 4-6 sources for this assignment, beyond of the textbook. These should be versed or peer-reviewed instrument.                                              ***Previous draft fixed for intimation***