641-3 YHtomit

   PART 1 350 signification TOTAL APA format 3 fountain stint Conduct a web quest for the key signification "IP telephony" or "telephony". Then finished the subjoined:   1. Get the references of 3 sites that conclude up after a while the best, most informative results.   2. Based on your scanning of these 3 sites, Summarize a one portion term (of at smallest 250 signification) of what IP Telephony means   3. Provide which fountain you used precisely where in your portion, by providing the expression author's definite call, year of the divulgation of the expression or the definite mitigated determination of the website, and the page or portion calculate where your citation can be endow. Use the subjoined format (authorLastName, year, p.# or para.#).   4. List 3 ins of benefits that use IP Telephony, after a while a narrow term of each benefit   Part 2 counterpart the under scrutinys. Please finished the scrutinys in a Word muniment. Use ins from the readings, Nursing Dissertation notes and beyond request to livelihood your counterparts. All scrutinys must counterparted after a while viable livelihood and specialty.  Your counterpart cannot singly be a cited fountain counterparting the scrutiny.  100 signification per scrutiny APA format 1 fountain stint per       scrutiny (fountain can be used for other scrutinys) 1. Portray transmitted telephony and neteffect layouts. 2. Discuss ductile telephony and cellular benefit. 3. What is GSM and how does it effect? 4. Do digital remarkable from phone to towers economize low bandwidth or proud bandwidth performance? Expand on your counterpart. 5. Are GSM specifications hardware-specific? Why or why not? 6. Portray FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA. Differentiate their astute applicability. Then an in of a provider for each of these technologies. 7. Enumerate IP Telephony Neteffect progenys and vulnerabilities, and little portray each progeny or insecurity. List some despicable attacks on IP Telephony. 8. Define "rogue" and "softphone". 9. List IP Phone countermeasures (at smallest 5).