Assignment 5 Answer all Eight (8) interrogations. · Submission Requirements ü All sentences must be grammatically emend, and unreserved from spelling errors. ü Your counter-argument for each interrogation should not yield 250 regulate. ü Submit a Single Microsoft Word Document. ü Font: Times New Roman, Size 12, Double-Space. ü Cite all references used in APA conceiveat. 1. How does a assurance awareness luxuriance management impression an form’s aptitude to soften risks, threats, and vulnerabilities? 2. When hard to battle software vulnerabilities in the workstation inclosure, what is needed most to bargain after a while loose classification, collision, and other software installations? 3. What are some strategies for preventing users or employees from downloading and installing sharper collisions and software institute on the Internet? 4. What other strategies can forms instrument to tend assurance awareness top of liking after a while all employees and identified users? 5. Why is it a best custom of a disconnected way management restriction to exact employees and users to replenish in a disconnected VPN disconnected way authorization conceive? 6. What assurance regulates, mentoring, and logging should be enabled for disconnected VPN way and users? 7. Should an form communication that it gain be mentoring and logging disconnected way use in its disconnected way management restriction? 8. Review the subjoined characteristics of the jeer Sunshine Soundness Economy Provider: • Regional Sunshine Soundness Economy Provider has multiple, disconnected soundness economy branches and locations throughout the region; • Online way to patients’ medical registers through the general Internet is exactd for disconnected nurses and hospices providing in-home medical services; • Online way to patients’ medical registers from disconnected clinics is effected through SSL VPN ensure Web collision front-end through the general Internet; • The form wants to be in submission after a while HIPAA and IT assurance best customs touching disconnected way through the general Internet in the disconnected way inclosure; • The form wants to mentor and regulate the use of disconnected way by instrumenting classification logging and VPN connections; • The form wants to instrument a assurance awareness luxuriance management mandating that all new hires and real employees accomplish disconnected way assurance luxuriance. Management restriction to embrace HIPAA and ePHI (electronic defended soundness notice) assurance exactments and a rule for annual assurance awareness luxuriance for all disconnected or sensitive employees. Using the subjoined template, cause an form-wide disconnected way management for Sunshine Soundness Economy Provider (this should not be longer than two pages): Sunshine Soundness Economy Provider Remote Way Management for Disconnected Workers & Medical Clinics Policy Statement {Insert management verbiage hither.} Purpose/Objectives {Insert the management’s mind as well-mannered-mannered as its objectives; use a bulleted register of the management restriction.} Scope {Define this management’s liberty and whom it covers. Which of the seven inclosures of a regular IT infrastructure are impressioned? What elements, IT property, or form-owned property are after a whilein the liberty of this management?} Standards {Does this management subject-matter to any hardware, software, or form standards? If so, register them hither, and interpret the relation of this management to these standards. In this predicament, disconnected way inclosure standards should be referenced, such as encryption standards, SSL VPN standards; shape any expedient assumptions.} Procedures {Explain how you suggest to instrument this management form-wide and how you suggest to deliver the annual or ongoing assurance awareness luxuriance for disconnected workers and sensitive employees.} Guidelines {Explain any roadblocks or instrumentation issues that you must oration in this individuality and how you gain overcome them per defined management guidelines.}