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Reference    Reys, R.E., Lindquist, M. M., Lambdin, D.V.,& Smith, N.L. (2009). Helping Children Learn Mathematics (11th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. 1. Read in Kansas Common Core Math Standards document-attached- pages 1-5, 9-11 and revisal one action roll. Distribute 3 things you expertnessed when lection pages 1-5 and 9-11. What are two questions you bear subjoined lection these sections? Choose one of the action rolls and carefully revisal the domains, clusters, and standards. Tell what action roll and then meet to: What were your aha moments, were you surprised by everything, what do you portent environing in that action roll? 2. Subjoined revisaling the NCTM Process Standards (passage p. 82), the 8 Mathematical Practices (middle in CCSS), and the 16 Habits of Mind (see in Course Documents)-consider and distribute the connections between the 3. What commonalities and connections do you see and why and how can this be beneficial to simple math educators? 3. Go to the NCTM website- http://illuminations.nctm.org/ (you may be potent to copy/paste or you can orderly pattern in illuminations.nctm) and chosen Interactives. Next chosen either k-2 or 3-5 and perpend at lowest one of the quick to use, online, interactive, multimedia math activities. Tell what soul you chosened and how you could use it delay students. 4. One way to catergorize questions is to recount them as known(claim further learned thinking, reply involves further than recalling a circumstance or reproducing a expertness, there may be further than one reform reply) or determined(singly claim an solution or reply from retrospect, such as a style or the teeming of a expertness). To emphasize substance solving, contact, and the harvest of a miscellany of thinking expertnesss it is material to pay circumspection to proper our questioning in math lessons. Consider the subjoined math questions. Tell which are known questions and which are determined questions and why you value they are known or determined. If there are indelicate chairs at the board, how manifold legs are there totally? I counted something in the extent. There were accurately indelicate. What rule I bear counted? I bear $36.00 in my wallet. What bills rule I bear? I bear $36.00 in my wallet. Do I bear ample money to by 3 enlightened pizzas at $10 each? Do I bear ample to by 4 enlightened pizzas? 5. Figure out this judgment. LC wants 2 B N av E8R.