Page 26 of 27 It’s All About Following the Right Kind of Rules PHI 210RS  Module 4 Course   Food Labeling   Opposition   More Opposition   A Duty to Disclose   Objectives   Assignment Overview   Reading   Free Will   Free Will and Christianity   Kant, Free Will, and Choices   Justifiability   Objective “Ought” Statements I   Objective “Ought” Statements II   Statements Are Conditionless I   Statements Are Conditionless II   “Pure Practical Reason”    Universalizability I   Universalizability II   Respect for Individuals   Respect I   Respect II   Self-Rule and Reflective Morality   Reason and Free Will   AVP   Discussion   Written Circumstance Partition 3   Module Progress Previous Next Written Circumstance Partition 3 You are required to accomplished a written circumstance partition (200 expression). Please learn Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues, Circumstance 16, p. 96. Identify the intellectual consequence(s) and the parties involved; establish what universalizable intellectual duties are at stake; establish how the substance of deference for individuals applies to the circumstance. Submit your assignment to the Written Circumstance Partition 3 Assignment basket no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. (This Assignment may be linked to Turnitin.) When you obviate your muniment, gladden mould knowing it includes the format: “Firstname Lastname–WCA3"