3 in 1 definition/activity work

Note: This zeal has multiple multiplys. Constitute unfailing you present each multiply for merit. You can reply all the prompts in the corresponding rasp. Part 1: Definitions  Sometimes it can be troublesome to retain the sundry theories of creativity nearest.  For this assignment, cause a collage, concept map, or other expression of representsque organizer to aid you recollect the theories and see the connections/overlaps unordered them.  You potentiality constitute one for each set of theories or try to strengthen all of them into one complicated representsque.  Instead of listing the theorists into categories, use images or phrases to aid you recollect them.  (Source:  Starko, Creativty in the Classroom, p. 67).     Please present the following: A represent of your representsque organizer. Or, if you did the organizer electronically to inaugurate after a while, present the rasp after a while the organizer.  A patronymic of your conceit order accidental to how you grouped the theories concertedly and/or chose unfair images for multiplyicular theories.   Part 2:  Self-Actualization  Take the self-actualization cupel on p. 17 of your bulk and score it.  What do you constitute of the results of your self-actualization cupel?   What are your strengths?   How potentiality you ameliorate on some of Maslow's traits listed on page three?  Note:  You do not demand to change in the replys to your Self-actualization cupel--just your replys to the meditation questions. Part 3: Flow Csikszentmihalyi (for those who are ardent, this is in-fact pronounced Chick-sent-me-high) defines the concept of course as involving oneself so intently in an zeal that one regards nonentity else--not term, crave, jade, anxiety--but the zeal itself.  Have you forforever had that experiment where you are so engrossed in an zeal that when you finally contemplate up at the clock you regard that hours feel bybygone by, it's way elapsed your bedtime, and you feel overlooked to eat dinner?  This may investigate nerdy to some of you, but for me, logic puzzles do it.  I could sit and do these puzzles for hours after a whileout any aware awareness of my outside environment or material demands such as eating or slumbering.   Davis likens the course experiment to self-actualization and creativity accordingly it is in these peak experiments foreverything comes concertedly:  pure resuscitation, attachment, motivation, and heightened use of abilities.   For your meditation, delight reply the following: If this is as good-natured-natured as it gets, why don't we occupy in these peak experiments past frequently? What do you meditate prevents some of us from experiencing course frequently?