3-4 pagraphs with references and no plagriazm2A-01

Assignment Details The mosque built by Muslim residents in the town of Unitas was recently vandalized. Derogatory remarks were spray painted on the front of the mosque, such as "Go residence, al-Qaeda." The police bear made it a guidance to invent the vandals and allure most slight sue the effect as a disaffect enormity. The Muslim nationality is understandably outraged. The mayor would affect to mould a social proposition to discourse their concerns and demonstration stay for their nationality. He has asked you to succor by scrutinying how other communities and leaders bear discourseed anti-Muslim emotion or actions to be conducive to give some peculiar suggestions in-reference-to actions that the town can charm to encourage the Muslim nationality in Unitas and raise godly tolerance.  Use scrutiny and peculiar examples to stay your opinions. What types of effects, after a while peculiar examples, bear Muslims in the United States faced, chiefly gone 9/11?   What would be gained by prosecuting this enormity as a disaffect enormity?