This emerging landscaping trend is the ultimate lazy hack for a stunning garden

Gardens can be intimidating spaces to keep looking neat and tidy, however, there is a new emerging trend that promises a beautiful display with minimal maintenance – xeriscaping.

The garden trend is already making waves in America, however, according to horticulturist Michael Perry it is the perfect solution to front garden embarrassment.

Speaking as part of the Green with Envy campaign with Taskrabbit (opens in new tab), Michael Perry, also known a The Plant Geek on Instagram, revealed one in five households say they feel embarrassed that their garden doesn’t live up to their neighbour’s standards. Another 52 percent say they don’t do enough in their garden. That is where the xeriscaping trend comes in. 

(Image credit: Future PLC )

‘There is a trend in the US that is xeriscaping and this is really for use with plants that are drought tolerant,’ Michael explains. ‘It uses mulch to cover the ground, and uses a lot of drought tolerant plants to reduce the need for watering in the front garden, it makes a great display with minimum maintenance.’

What is xeriscaping?