Kim Woodburn shares common dusting mistake that makes cleaning take longer

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  • Dusting is one of those cleaning tasks we put off repeatedly, along with cleaning out the bin. According to Kim Woodburn, famous for her work on How Clean Is Your House? and her pillar box red nails, we’re making the job way harder than it needs to be.

    When we spoke to the cleaning pro recently, she shared a common dusting mistake and how to avoid it. She says that wetting your duster before you begin makes all the difference, cutting the time spent doing chores.

    Along with arming ourselves with the best cleaning products, we’ll be following her expert tips and tricks.

    The Kim Woodburn ‘Original Cleaning Queen’ cleaning ‘range is available exclusively from Poundland stores nationwide

    Kim Woodburn dusting mistake

    We spoke to Kim Woodburn about her first ever cleaning range, now available at Poundland. During our chat, we asked the famous cleaning enthusiast for her best cleaning hack.

    ‘Well, my loves, if you have a lot of dust don’t just go at it with my feather-ish duster. It will be everywhere in your hair, dropping to the floor and you’ll have a right old mess,’ she says.

    ‘Take your hand, pop it under the tap and wet it, then run your wet hand along the duster and make it slightly damp.’ Kim Woodburn suggests dusting over the area and your duster will pick up the dust without it spreading.

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    And when you’re done? ‘Leave the duster to dry and then shake it off in your garden and you’re good to use again,’ Kim Woodburn says.

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    We reckon this technique will make the fiddly task of cleaning Venetian blinds a little less painful. Plus, as the weather warms up and we leave windows and doors open, our homes can get dustier with pollen and other bits making their way indoors.

    So whether you’re dusting your bookshelves, coffee table, light fixtures, or appliances, don’t make the dusting mistake of using a dry duster.

    Small utility room storage for cleaning and ironing products

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    If you’re ready to update your cleaning supplies, bear in mind that the best vacuum cleaners come with attachments to make dusting quicker, too. Happy cleaning, one and all.

    The Kim Woodburn ‘Original Cleaning Queen’ cleaning range is available exclusively from Poundland stores nationwide