Aldi's mud kitchen for kids is back and half the price of similar version at Argos

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  • Aldi’s adorable new outdoor kitchen is the perfect recipe for fun in the garden this summer

    The Aldi mud kitchen for kids is back just in time for the summer. Originally launched back in 2017, the mud kitchen has become the best way to keep kids entertained out of doors during weekends when the weather is glorious.

    The Aldi mud kitchen launched a few weeks ago as an online exclusive for £59.99. However, it is still available to buy online.

    But after the recent good weather, and a quick glance at the Aldi website we can confirm that the remaining mud kitchens are selling fast. It’s not surprising as the mud kitchen is almost an exact dupe for Argos’s £125 version! It is also the perfect easy garden idea to update your outdoor space for kids to enjoy all summer long.

    Aldi’s Mud Kitchen

    Image credit: Aldi

    Designed to inspire imagination and creativity, mud kitchens provide an immersive, multi-sensory experience. Children will love getting their hand’s dirty making mud pies and soil smoothies. To encourage little green fingers to flourish, the kitchen comes with pots for planting a flower garden of their own.


    Aldi’s design comes complete with a working tap over a sink. The clever mechanism features a bucket above the sink that can be filled with water and a tap that can be turned on and off to give the illusion of a fully functioning kitchen.

    The kitchen also includes a hob and two flower pots on the top of the kitchen where they can try growing their own herb garden. There is also plenty of space under the kitchen counter for storing their creations or other garden toys.

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    The chalkboard is ideal for writing out the specials of the day. There are handy pegs to hang utensils from, too. This will hopefully encourage children to tidy up and hang items in their rightful places, a useful skill to learn when playing indoors too.

    Buy now: Little Town Mud Kitchen, £59.99, Aldi

    Argos Mud Kitchen

    mud kitchen

    Chad Valley mud kitchen

    Leading toy manufacturer Chad Valley have a delightful version complete with hobs, knobs and drawers available from Argos for £125. It is similar to the Aldi version including an elegant wooden structure, chalkboard and utensil hanging area.

    It includes two sinks and four hobs to add to the realism. However, one thing it is missing compared to the Aldi version is the tap. But the two sinks can easily be removed to fill up with water and for cleaning.

    Buy now: Chad Valley Wooden Kitchen, £125, Argos

    If you want to get your hands on one, best be quick. As with all Specialbuys, once they’re gone, they’re gone.