DIY-er reveals smart hack to get the on-trend Scandi wood panelling look for under £120

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  • Wall panelling is perfect for adding warmth and texture to a space. However, ready-to-mount wood can often come with a price tag. However, A DIYer has revealed that wall panelling ideas don’t have to cost a fortune.

    DIY queen and mum, Jasmine Gurney shares many of her DIY tips and budget decorating ideas on Instagram and her blog Previously, Jasmine had transformed her guest room using pre-made acoustic panels. While they looked amazing, she revealed that at £160 a sheet, they had cost £800 to install.

    A fan of the look, but not the price Jasmine revealed how she recreated the effect for £120 using iron-on wood veneer hack, saving her £680.

    Image credit: Jasmine Gurney / Oh Abode

    Wood panelling hack

    The interior decorating wizard revealed how to create the DIY wood veneer slat panelling in a project reel on her Instagram account @ ohabode. She revealed that she had created the look using some wood veneer iron-on edging tape and 2 sheets of 12mm MDF cut into 26 mm wide strips.

    Jasmine got 43 strips out of one MDF sheet, which cost around £20 from Wickes. For the veneer fronts; the mum of one used real wood veneer edging tape, available from most kitchen worktop suppliers, Amazon or eBay.

    If you’re going for a more moody look with a dark veneer finish such as walnut, paint the edges black. For a light oak, Scandi-look, leave the MDF sides plain.

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    To fix the wood edging, she ironed the pre-glued edging tape onto the smooth side of the MDF. Then, used an edge trimmer or Stanley knife to trim the sides.

    YONGHEX Wood Veneer Strip Oak Veneer Edging Tape

    Image credit: Amazon / YONGHEX

    Jasmine recommends three options when it comes to installing the panels. ‘You can either nail the strips up first and then iron on the veneer to cover the holes, or bosh them up afterwards, leaving a 12mm gap between them,’ she explains. ‘Or if you want to put them up in bulk, you can buy a sheet of 6mm MDF, prime and paint it the same as your wall and nail/glue the strips to that and put it up in sections for easy install/removal.’

    Bedroom wooden panelling makeover

    The social influencer is so hooked on the slat wall effect! She has it in three rooms in her house to try and test the different versions. As mentioned, her guest room has expensive pre-made panelling with soundproofing grey felt backing. Her living room and the bedroom, shown here have DIY stained strip panels, the new veneer iron-on version is ready to go up in her bathroom – however, it’s hard to tell the difference between them all.

    We love how she used wood panels in her bedroom to make a feature of her art deco style bed.


    _ohabode bedroom makeover before shot bedroom with pink walls

    Image credit: Instagram / @_ohabode

    Jasmine’s master bedroom was bland. Soft pink walls were pretty but lacked interest. Typographic wall art and small mounted lights looked lost against the vast space.

    Although the bedroom is still only 95% complete, the transformation is incredible. As well as the wood panelling, the wall required re-routing and rewiring lights and plug sockets. Replastering holes she had to cut. Painting, building shelves and staining and waxing the panels. All of which Jasmine completed herself.

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    ‘I’m super happy with it and can finally feel relaxed… I walk in with a smile on my face.’ says Jasmine.


    Bedroom with wall panelling and dog

    Image credit: @_ohabode / Instagram

    If you live in a rented property and would love to try this look yourself, Jasmine suggests adding Command Strips to the back of wood panels when mounting. This is a great way to decorate a rented property as it won’t damage walls like nails can.

    ‘Use the largest of the sizes and apply to the top and bottom of each slat,’ says Jasmine. ‘You also want to make sure that your slats aren’t bowed or warped as this may make it difficult to stick flat to the wall.’

    Will you be trying this wall panelling hack?