New Paint, Lights, & Window Boxes For Our Backyard Shed (Finally)

This post is for everyone who has been asking for a shed update since we finally painted it to match our white house (it only took us a year!). While we were updating things, we switched out the lights and added window boxes because I can now be described as “extremely passionate about sheds.” Like if I was on that would be in my bio somewhere.

This is perhaps the largest personality change for me throughout adulthood. The idea that I like sheds is an extremely new revelation.

Remember when I didn’t care about sheds – and maybe even hated them – especially when John wanted to use half of our beach house’s tiny backyard for one and I basically said no and rebelled for an entire year while we lived with all of the stuff that should have been in a shed inside the beach house. Let me just tell you that sandy beach chairs and beach umbrellas and tile and paint and bikes and yard tools are not awesome when they’re all over the foyer and laundry room.

After about a year of that I gave in and let John get his precious beach house shed. And in doing so I realized that they’re not only very practical but they can be ADORABLE and I promptly decided that I wanted to live in the pink shed and never leave.

I really think it’s the lights and the window box that did it for me. That’s when my shed-outlook changed forever. I’m not only decidedly pro-shed now, you might even call me a shed hype woman now. I will rave about how much storage you can gain without sacrificing a single scrap of beauty – heck it can even add privacy and make your yard feel more nestled and cozy. Especially if you include a few charming details like nice light fixtures and a window box or two.

So back to priming and painting our shed in Richmond after over a year of putting it off. This was us priming the shed back before the leaves started to change.

And this was THE MOMENT BEFORE THE HORNET DISCOVERY. Ah, the memories (more on that story here).

This is still just the primer coat above, hence it looking blue-ish instead of a true white like the trim and doors.

Speaking of the doors, we chose the same soft french blue that’s on all three of our house’s exterior doors. The color is Tranquility from Ben Moore’s Affinity line (it’s labeled as “Tranquility AF” on the paint swatch – which you know makes me laugh out loud every time I see it because I’m a 12 year old).

Finally painting the shed the same color as the house (more on the house color here) and making the doors the same color too, instantly unified both the shed & the house.

It was kinda magical to see it happen over the course of a few days. They also share the same roof shingles, which is another nice tie in.

Over the years, the original shed lights started to feel a little too craftsman and boxy for such a rectangle of a shed, so we went with something a little more curvy to balance out all of the straight lines. I think they’re super cute, especially that pulley-looking arm on the top and the big round bulbs that we added.

As for the window boxes, we got them from the same place we got the pink shed’s window box because we’ve been really happy with it. They’re made of no-rot material, are really easy to hang, and even have a self-watering feature (you can dump a ton of water into a pipe on the edge of the top opening for the window box, where all of the dirt is, and it slowly dispenses the water throughout the dirt for a week or two before you need to add more).

So this is the view out of the kitchen window when I do dishes. I’m not mad at it. Yes, you might even say that I have Shed Fever at this point. It’s like Bieber Fever, but no Biebs & all shed. Because I just can’t even picture the yard without this adorable little anchor point.

And remember my former point about privacy and how the right placement can make a yard feel more nestled? The location of this shed is so nice because our curved backyard backs up to two other houses through the woods (and one of them with fewer evergreen plantings used to be super visible in the winter months when all the leaves drop).

But the second this shed arrived… boom. New view. Haven’t seen their backyard since 2016 before this baby landed. Now there’s a view of this cute little house of ours (full of tools galore – you can see how we organized it all here). We feel more nestled, as do our neighbors through the woods. It’s just such a nice little break between our two backyards, which formerly felt like they used to run into each other.

So that’s the story of my love of sheds, blossoming into a very strong bond indeed. Tale as old as time. Song as old as rhyme. Sherry and her shedddddd.

P.S. You can read all about getting this shed back in 2016 right here in this post. And here’s the post all about the beach house backyard, complete with the full pink shed rundown. As for how this shed is organized, here’s that post for ya. And here’s the post about how we organized the pink house shed. Did I say shed enough in this post? No? How about a post about two other sheds in our life: the duplex sheds.

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