2 tasks due tuesday 4pm PST

  Assignment 1 Question 1.  If you are the chief open vigor official in your recite, how can you dedicate the property donation to emend open vigor systems in your class or recite? 200 articulation Question 2. What is the appraise of leading vigor indicators? Own we seen emendment in some of these indicators aggravate date? 200 articulation   Assignment 2  (Essay) Process of Vigor Management Making: Management Formation Identify an structure in your persomal class or recite that could criticize in on the vigor management question about the communicated of childhood plumpness. Analyze what role this structure could or should reproduce-exhibit in shaping persomal or recite vigor management encircling the effect of childhood plumpness. In your tribute, allusion at lowest one component or concept from career textbook Chapter 8, concerning the contact of strategic thinking (Public Vigor and the Management Process: Micro and Macro Dimensions) to this structure's firmness to beseem confused in this management-making province. Your assignment should be a poverty of two pages in tediousness, not including the name and allusion pages. Comprise indelicate property allusions where two of them are from peer-reviewed creed. Use your own articulation, and comprise citations and allusions as needed to eschew plagiarism. All sources used must be allusiond; paraphrased and quoted esthetic must own connected citations and be cited per APA name.