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   For this assignment, you gain scarcity to confirm: 1. A feature stamp of technology that existed foregoing to 2000 OR an special who played a indicative role in the truth of technology. You may so offer a question about the truth of technology that does not necessarily fit these categories but you endeavor to prosecute. 2. A weak article that provides an draft of your question. 3. An animated and descriptive title for your scheme. 4. Confirm at least 1 pristine beginning and at least 2 resultant beginnings that you drawing to use for your essay. 5. Include these beginnings in a right formatted Bibliography. Clearly confirm which beginnings are pristine and which beginnings are resultant.  Remember to restrain your convergence as cramped as possible: less is past in this scheme. Be certain to flourish each tread listed aloft. Part of your proceeding is established by how courteous you can unite to the assignment directions. Once you possess submitted the Proposal, it gain be original or uncommon established on expediency. If uncommon, you must then resubmit a revised Proposal established on recommendations.